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"There is God’s Word. This is my rock and anchor. On it I rely, and it remains." - Martin Luther

Welcome Dr. Steve Lawson

A few weeks ago we celebrated the two year anniversary of Truth Remains; a ministry that exists solely to exalt God’s written Word and stimulate a greater devotion to the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, in His church. In just two short years we have produced multiple teaching resources and traveled to numerous churches and conferences in every region of the U.S., telling of God’s faithfulness throughout church history using a rare collection of the very first Bibles translated into the English language. As a result, thousands of believers have been encouraged and challenged in their faith as they have learned about William Tyndale, John Rogers, and many others who sacrificed their lives to proclaim and advance the Scriptures. The response has been overwhelming and I am so grateful for the evident hand of God in our efforts.

As we turn the corner into our third year, I am excited to announce that Dr. Steve Lawson has accepted an appointment with Truth Remains as Professor-In Residence. Dr. Lawson is among the foremost theologians and church history scholars of our day. It would take several paragraphs to list his extensive qualifications. But what I appreciate most is not his academic accolades or ministry accomplishments. Rather, Dr. Lawson’s sincere love for the Word and for the church is what knits my heart together with his. We share the same commitment for teaching church history as a means of promoting greater adoration of the Savior. At a time when style is often valued more than substance, Dr. Lawson stands out as an exceptional preacher and staunch defender of the inerrant, authoritative, and all-sufficient Word of God. It is for all of these reasons and more that I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Lawson to the Truth Remains team. There is no one I can think of who is more perfectly suited to the task at hand.

In addition to writing and teaching on behalf of Truth Remains, Dr. Lawson will be working with our team to develop and produce educational media highlighting key church history figures. In fact, filming is already underway for our first collaboration; a documentary on William Tyndale based on the recent biography by Dr. Lawson. We look forward to releasing that very soon.

On behalf of the Truth Remains team, thank you for your support of this ministry. I pray it is an encouragement to you. We look forward to what the Lord will do in the year ahead.

For the Truth,




David Parsons - Founder, Truth Remains

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