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"There is God’s Word. This is my rock and anchor. On it I rely, and it remains." - Martin Luther

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Drive-by Church History

Just over a year ago the vision God put in the heart of David Parsons to form Truth Remains became reality. The mission is simple; we exist to promote and proclaim God's written Word, thereby stimulating greater devotion to the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, in His church. We do that primarily through exposing believers to the history of the English Bible, and teaching about the great sacrifices that were made throughout church history so that we might have access to the Word of God. We believe the church needs to be reminded of her past and called back to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture in all things.

Ken Ham said it well:

"Just as there was a need for the Reformation in the 1500s to call us back to the authority of Scripture alone, today we need a reformation – one that will call the Church back to God’s Word as the absolute authority."

As the Lord allows, we hope to develop and produce more and more resources that effectively bring our rich history to life (watch our 4-part documentary on the history of the English Bible here). But from time to time we also want to share with you select resources from likeminded ministries that we believe are particularly excellent and relevant to our mission. One such resource is Drive-by Church History from Todd Friel at Wretched Radio. Drive-by Church History is essentially a crash course survey of church history, neatly delivered in 47 brief lectures (around 15 min each) on Mp3. It is very well done and exceedingly helpful for believers who desire to learn more about their history and be equipped to defend the faith. Listening to just one lecture a day will give you a basic handle on the history of the church inside a couple of months. That is pretty fantastic. There is even a study guide and curriculum available for those interested in using it for study material.

We commend this resource to you as something that is well worth your time. Sure, a seminary course on church history is going to be much more comprehensive. But for the majority of us who won't have that opportunity, Todd Friel has given us a tool that is very valuable indeed. 

God's Word is the absolute authority. And while we recognize that church history is not authoritative, it is wise to learn from our past. We should frequent the halls of faith. We need to study the insights of the believers God called to live and die in defense of the written and Incarnate Word throughout the centuries. We need to learn from their counsel as we endeavor to live accordingly in these evil days.

As Nathan Busenitz has said:

"When we study church history we are reminded that some truths are worth fighting for (and dying for). We remember that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. And like those who have come before us, we too have a responsibility to faithfully guard the treasure of biblical truth and sound doctrine that has been entrusted to us, being careful to pass it on to those who will follow us."

Amen and amen! May we be faithful stewards of the truth.


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