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"There is God’s Word. This is my rock and anchor. On it I rely, and it remains." - Martin Luther

Pilgrims and Church History


The first recorded Thanksgiving feast in the United States was in 1621 at the village of Plymouth, Massachusetts. In September 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England. The ship carried 102 passengers; pilgrims in search of religious freedoms, and the possibility of land and financial prosperity in the New World. It's a familiar story.

But did you know that the pilgrims hold an important place in church history? The pilgrims were Calvinists who had separated themselves from the Church of England. They were reformers, holding fast to a copy of the Geneva Bible as they boarded the Mayflower. It was the pilgrims that brought God's Word to American shores and subsequently laid the foundation for what was to become the United States. 

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