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John Lambert

John Lambert was a teacher and language scholar who was burned at the stake in 1538 for heresy, because he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The burning of John Lambert, from Foxe's Book of Martyrs.

On the day appointed for Lambert to suffer, he was brought out of the prison at eight o'clock in the morning. Being warned that the hour of his death was at hand, Lambert was brought out of the chamber into the hall. He saluted the gentlemen present, and sat down to breakfast with them, showing neither sadness nor fear.

When breakfast was finished, he was carried straight to the place of execution at Smithfield in England. 

According to records, the manner of his death was horrible; after his legs were consumed and just a little fire was left under him, two of the guards pierced him with their halberts, and lifted him up as far as the chain would reach; while Lambert, raising his half-consumed hands, cried out to the people these words: "None but Christ! None but Christ!" and so being let down again from their halberts, fell into the fire, and there his life ended.

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